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CTrH3 Prom 2023
ec 8th, 2023 4:00 PM to Dec 10th, 2023 11:00 AM

2023 PROM PATCH_edited.png

REGO is Live!

Keep an eye on the HashRego site and be sure to join the Prom Facebook group for up-to-date information!

(Click the foot and follow the hare)


Have you ever wanted to pillage and plunder your way thru Fayetteville like a true Viking? Well this year your in luck. For a mere $80 you can join the rest of Trash as they travel in luxurious long boats and drink and pillage their way thru majestic Fayetteville. This years Trash Prom will have a virgin trail location as well as never before seen lodging accommodations. We promise only this, you won’t go thirsty and you won’t go hungry and you’ll receive free plunder to get you started on your epic weekend, the rest is up to you.



Rego gets you dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday, and morning snacks Sunday before you GTFO and go home. Rego also includes a gimmies. Friday night is the pub crawl and Saturday will delight you with a shiggytastic trail and a full on party at our featured bar.



Price is $80 until 10/30/23. 10/31/23 price bumps up to $90
Refunds will be allowed until 11/27/23 provided there is someone on the waitlist to take your spot. Refunds will be for amount paypal sends us when payment was made.



Hotel link will be provided on the Prom 2023 FB. Follow directions on how to secure a room.





Viking invasion

Stuff to Bring:

Vessel, happy coat, money for tips and Hab, dry bag

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